Why Should You Get a Home Inspection Before Buying a House?

Would you want to buy a property, then later find out it had serious problems? It is highly likely that anyone in this position avoided a home inspection before they bought it. Inspection is a low-cost process that you must undertake before buying that keeps you safe from unseen costs.

There are a number of reasons that you need to get a home inspection before purchasing a property. Below, we go through the reasons you must book one.

What Will a Home Inspection Include?

A home inspection when buying a house will leave no stone unturned. It will address any structural components, including the foundation and the state of the basement. Any visible insulation and the state of the attic will also be in the report.

Internal systems such as plumbing, electrics, heating, and cooling will get a thorough report. This will also include any major appliances.

Finally, the exterior of the building, floors, walls, ceilings, and staircases, along with fittings such as doors, windows, and frames are inspected. Trees around the property that may cause damage to the building will also show in the report.

They Are Not Expensive

When you add up all the expenses you will pay when buying a house, a home inspection pales in comparison to other costs. In fact, the biggest of houses will only cost around $500 USD for an inspection. This is nothing compared to the price of the house, and the costs that could be incurred if something is wrong with your purchase.

The report you will get on the home is always extremely detailed, making it great value for money. It will include pictures and writings on all the problems the home has, even on ones that may not be visible. This report can often be up to 50 pages long.

It Gives You Reasons Not to Buy

Shopping for a property can be a very exciting process, and very often your heart can take over. Once you see that dream house, within your budget, it can be too easy to try and snap it up. If that property has hidden problems, damage, or costs you do not see, that dream can turn into a nightmare.

Unless you are a professional who can assess all aspects of a house yourself, you are really running a risk by not having an inspection. The house could have structural problems, dated systems, and even be dangerous. Potentially, this could cost thousands after the sale is closed if you did not know about them.

Houses with problems are not a definite no, and most problems can be fixed at a price. No one wants to buy a property that needs expensive work at way over the odds.

Get a Home Inspection to Negotiate Seller Repairs

If the home you want to buy does have some problems, you can begin to negotiate seller repair terms. These are clauses in the contract requiring a seller to make the necessary repairs before the exchange takes place. This offers you extra financial protection and is another reason for the importance of a home inspection.

A seller may not wish to include repair terms in the contract. In this instance, get a professional quote for the problems, and deduct the overall total from the price you offer. Make sure you let the seller know what the problems are, and how you have factored it into the offer price.

It Checks the Safety of the Property

A property should be tested for a number of issues before you buy. Homes can have invisible, yet potentially fatal problems. These can include carbon monoxide, radon, and mold. You may wish to ask the seller to fix these before making an offer, or to avoid the property altogether.

Shows Illegal Additions

When additions are made to a home, permits and permissions are required. These may include extra floors, outbuildings, or the addition of garages. Not getting these permissions, or going ahead if they have been denied, is illegal and can result in compulsory demolition.

So imagine if you bought a property, then later found out only half of it had the correct building permissions. In the eyes of the law, half of the property you paid for can now be demolished. That is almost half the value of your property gone, as well as the fines and possible sanctions you may face.

If you try to sell a property and the buyer finds out the permissions are not correct, they may back out of the sale. Why would they trust you if the property you were selling them was illegal? In addition, it can make it impossible to get insurance and increase property tax.

You Can Budget for Future Costs

Unless your intended purchase is brand new, all homes will be in various states of maintenance. One property may have a brand new bathroom but an ancient heating system, another may have a new driveway but a roof replacement due in the next five years. It is unreasonable to ask a seller to have everything up to date, so it helps to know at what position all the facets of the house are at.

The home inspection process can let you know about repairs that required soon so you do not have any hidden surprises. If you know this, then you can budget accordingly over the coming years.

For Insurance Purposes

If certain conditions exist in a home, some insurance companies will refuse to insure the property. The ones that do will most likely charge a very high premium for insuring it. Knowing this hidden cost beforehand can help with your budget.

There are also a number of certifications required for insurance. These can be wind mitigation or four-point inspections. These can take part at the same time as the home inspection, saving time and money later down the line.

Protect Your Assets

You would not make any major purchase without first having a guarantee on the quality and efficiency of that product. When you get a home inspection, you are paying for that guarantee. It safeguards your money and investment.

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