All You Need to Know Before Moving into a New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for many people, but it can also be stressful. One of the most important things to do before moving in is to get a home inspection done. A home inspector will examine all aspects of your new residence and make sure that there are no underlying problems with the property you are buying.

Are you moving into a new home?

We’re here to help. DuBose Home Inspection, Inc. is your go-to for all things related to home inspections and property assessments in the greater Atlanta area. Our team of expert inspectors has years of experience with homes throughout Georgia and can provide you with peace of mind when it comes time to make an investment in your future. Whether you need a pre-purchase inspection or are looking for someone who can perform routine maintenance on your current property, we’ve got you covered!

You will receive an honest assessment from our experienced team so that you know exactly what needs attention before purchasing or selling a house in the Atlanta area. With over 30 years combined experience, our professional inspectors have seen it all when it comes to properties across Georgia – they won’t sugarcoat anything just because they want their business! If there is something wrong with the property that needs fixing, we will let them know about it so that both parties are aware of any potential issues before closing day arrives. It’s important not only for us but also for YOU as well as everyone involved in this process knows what they should expect from each other going forward! That way no one gets blindsided by unexpected fees or surprises after signing on the dotted line…and neither do we! Let us take care of everything so that nothing falls through the cracks during this stressful process and get back.

Moving into a new home and need a home inspection?

You’ll be surprised at how much you don’t know about your new home. Let us help you make sure it is safe for you and your family to live in. We will go through every inch of the house with our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that there are no hidden issues or problems that could cost thousands of dollars down the road. Our reports are easy to understand, so you can feel confident knowing what needs fixing before moving in!

Desire: Don’t take chances on something as important as safety – call DuBose Home Inspection today! We have been serving homeowners since 2001, so we have plenty of experience when it comes to inspecting homes from top to bottom. Whether it is an older house or brand new construction, we will inspect everything from the roofing system all the way down to the foundation and electrical systems! Call now for a free quote!

Call DuBose Home Inspection right now for a free quote on your next inspection!

Selling Your Home

When it comes to buying or selling your house, there are many things that can go wrong. You want to make sure everything is safe and up-to-code before you move in. That’s where DuBose Home Inspection comes in! We offer the most thorough inspections around, so you know exactly what kind of condition your house is in before signing on the dotted line. Our inspectors will give you an honest assessment of any issues they find during their inspection, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase the property. Plus, we’ll provide a detailed report with photos.

If anything goes wrong after closing, we’re here to help as well! We have years of experience working with real estate agents and attorneys who need us when something unexpected happens after closing day. No matter what time it is or where you are located – even if it means coming out late at night – we will be there for our customers every step of the way until their issue has been resolved successfully. So don’t wait another minute – schedule your home inspection today!

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